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READ ITEM DESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE MAKING A PURCHASE. Everything is meticulously inspected and listed accordingly.

This shop sells NEW & USED sets, parts and instruction booklets. NEW sets are those that have never been assembled and can be either SEALED or OPENED. 

SEALED NEW SETS: These sets have never been opened and come with the factory seals intact. We are NOT reponsible for the content of these sets.  In some uncommon cases, there may be a small number of parts missing from a set. You can contact Lego to have these parts replaced, if they are still available. If you would like to reduce your shipping cost, you can request for the set to be unboxed. Once we do so, the transation cannot be reversed. We will state shelf wear or damage note in the Set description in case it is relevant to the offered Set. Some Sets could have security stickers applied on the box or inside. Additionally, we cannot control the quality of new parts or sealed sets from LEGO. At times, a complete series of a printed part will have slight errors - this is common. Colors might be a bit off as well, as we are finding the colors are starting to slightly vary in different sets (in example, reddish browns are taking on some different slight shades). 

SEALED OPENED SETS: These sets have been opened, but never assembled. In some cases, we will open the platic bags to verify the content (as there can be multiple bags labeled the same number). Instructions and factory boxes are always included.  Your shipping cost will depend on whether you want us to send you the factory box. 

USED SETS: These sets ranged from never having been fully assembled to being assembled ONCE and DISPLAYED in a dust-free cabinet. Instructions and factory boxes are included with the purchase. We take joy in owning, collecting, displaying  and assembling LEGO sets.  We really DON'T play with the sets even though some are designed to be playable. Once assembled, they go on the enclosed display case that is protected from sun, dust and moisture. We are happy to send pictures of any set you wish to inspect before making a purchase. 

BOX CONDITION- We try our best to keep our boxes in the best condition possible. In most cases, the sealed set is left undisturbed in the packaging that they came (directly from Lego.)  However, some may show evidence of wear and tear from having been moved around, shelf-life fatigue (when the box is large and heavy, the shear weight will affect the packaging).  When buying a sealed set from us do not be surprised if you find the following: (1) Set boxes may contain typical wear and tear from being moved around and stocked in a retail store, warehouse, etc. (2) Set boxes may have some cosmetic damage incurred during shipping; (3) Set boxes may have minor dings, dents, or creases. We will make these notes and you can always request pictures. 

PARTS: All new parts are straight from sealed sets or sealed containers. Most used parts in the store are in excellent condition. By store terms, any part that does not come from sealed Lego is considered used. Used items that are discolored, misprinted, or have excessive wear are thrown out and not uploaded to the store inventory. Used parts will not have any associated booklets or boxes . 

STORAGE: All items are stored in a smoke free, dust-free and climate controlled environment. Each lot is stored in individual bags or box to preserve the original condition. 


  • We accepted payment in US Dollars (Store prices are in US Dollars (USD)
  • Every effort to provide the most accurate shipping fees possible.  We tend to be about $2 - $10 dollar under the actual cost of shipping the item to you. You can proceed with your purchase using the estimate provided and we will absorb the cost, or you can request a quote. If you request a quote, please wait for an invoice before paying.
  • Include your order number with payment.
  • Sometimes invoice messages are caught by spam filters. You can always check your Brickowl Orders Placed page.
  •  We accept the following payments, is US Dollar: PayPal, Money Order, Cashier's Check, Zelle. 
  • If payment is not received within 7 days after invoicing, an NPB will be filed and negative feedback will be given. If you are using direct checkout, an automated invoice will be sent with shipping costs when you submit your order.

WHAT TO EXPECT: All orders are shipped within 48 hours after receiving cleared payment. Store ships everyday excluding weekends and recognized holidays. Manual invoices will be sent within 24 hours after the order has been submitted. A tracking number will be added to all orders. A signature is required for all orders over $300. 

PROBLEMS WITH ORDER: If you have any problems with your order or experience, please contact the store immediately. We handle all errors and problems personally. Please note that in working with high quantities of Lego parts and sets, sometimes inventory may be inaccurate. 

Sometimes mistakes may be made when filling orders. If you find that part of your order is missing or incorrect, contact us immediately and we'll do our best to rectify the situation. Be sure to include your order number when contacting us. We only intend to sell parts in excellent used or new condition. Items damaged or faded have no place in our inventory unless otherwise stated. If you find a sub-standard part in your order, again please E-mail us and we'll do our best to find you a replacement.

FEEDBACK: All orders will be marked as complete one month after the order was submitted and positive feedback will be given (If it has not been given already). You will not be spammed with feedback requests. However, feedback is very important in a transaction. 

RETURNS/REFUNDS: We do not accept full refunds. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase you can request a return authorization and if accepted you will be responsible for returning goods in same condition as they were shipped to you, the return shipping fee, and a 25% restocking fee. If a sealed box is opened, it is NOT considered to be in the SAME CONDITION. 

If a buyer requests a sealed set to be shipped without the box to save on shipping costs, buyer accepts all responsibility for the purchase once paid for. Because removing bags from a sealed box decreases a sets salability for us, we cannot accept returns on these. If there is an issue related to missing bags or pieces, and we are at fault we will do our best to make it right. If, however, something is missing due to LEGO's manufacturing process or postal carrier's shipping process buyer will be responsible for reaching out to either LEGO or shipping carrier customer service.

NEW BUYERS: If you are new to BRICKOWL please ask any questions before you place an order. We welcome new buyers and strive to provide a quick & easy purchasing process.Last Updated: 19 Dec 2020